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Originally Posted by HayashiTakara View Post
What makes you think that I'm even religious? have you even read my post? If anything I believe christianity was born from those obsessed with greed and power, but I won't get into that.

Prejudices will always exist, tolerance will grow but you can never expect society as a whole to accept things that are different. And you can't force people to change either. Most kids who grow up will more than likely never see a real gay couple. The only time they'll see it is on T.V. at best. so seeing it in real life will pose as a shock.

I do believe bullying is an issue. It causes series life long trauma. But at the end of the day I could care less. I'm generally apathetic to those I don't know.
Nothing made me think that you are religious. English is a very inconvenient language when it comes to "you", make that "you can ever" . That said, at least we agree on one thing ^^

Of course there will always be prejudice, but can people make that hypothetical prejudice, that they themselves can change, a reason why gay people shouldn't be allowed to adopt kids? My point is, that there is absolutely no valid argument against gay couples who want to adopt a child, that society could use to prevent them that. Absolutely none..If anyone can name one argument, that wouldn't normally apply to hetero or single parents too, speak up now. I'm curious. I see what you are trying to say though, yes, indeed, most kids/families can never see a gay couple and thus don't feel the need to talk about it to their children. But do all boys and girls learn about Africa in school too, although most of them will never go there? That's why I mentioned how much important it is for parents and schools to educate children about all kinds of social matters, so the kids will know how to act to what you call "different".Foundations for life, so to speak, and homosexuality is just one of them.

I believe I started the "Social Environments and their effects on Children's behavior". Because in essence its all connected. We we talking about how children from homosexual pairings would be bullied because of it. And I think we established that, the behavior of children is directly linked from their home environment and the environment of other homes. Basically, if parents accept homosexuality, it will brush onto their kids too, so no innocent children (at least not more than for other things kids usually bully for)can be bullied because of the nature of their parents. And this will happen..someday in the near future I hope.

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