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Real simple breakdown;

Me, I am black agnostic. I respect religion and non believers but have a problem with fundamentalism of any stripe or even with utilizing religion as basis for discrimination.

There is no reason homosexuals shouldn't be protected by hate crimes laws and no reason why they can't have the same status and benefits that heterosexuals couples have in a legal sense. NO REASON. Provided that they are intelligent, responsible, law abiding citizens. This won't open up the flood gates to bestiality, legalized incest or what ever hoo hah people say.

Sorry I feel strongly on this, I am not gay, but being Afro-American, I have a problem with legitimizing discrimination just for the sake of keeping things status quo, religion was used to systematically demonize us once upon a time along with Jew and Catholic immigrants, why BECAUSE WE WERE DIFFERENT! (AAAUUGHHH, A PRESIDENT KENNEDY WILL BE A PAWN OF THE POPE!!!!)


My conservative aunt's beef is not that they are gay, but along the lines of "they are inserting their own idea of marriage into a sacred practice, thus sullying it" or some sort. I can understand those sentiments. Seeing as how marriage is tied to religion so deeply, I think realistically Gays should worry about getting civil unions (purely SECULAR legality) first. Otherwise it seems primarily symbolic. My heart goes out to gay Christians but, religious definitions and mandates are best left to individual denominations and institutions.

With that, I say no to them being under the concept of "marriage" but yes to civil unions and discrimination protection.
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