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Ever since a young age, I've had this certain understanding and I guess I could say compassion for gay people. I definitely have compassion for gay people nowadays. I'm not gay, but I do have some gay relatives, and they have given me some great insight into this whole topic.

One thing I've learned is this (and have heard from my gay relatives and heard from people I know/knew that are gay)...they didn't choose their sexuality. Their attraction to the same sex just comes naturally, due to biological factors, just like how the average person is attracted to the opposite sex. I know many people here know about this and many people believe this, as well. It is just that understanding this has had a lot with how I feel about these people and how I support fairness and equality for them. They can't help but be attracted to the same sex, so they absolutely shouldn't be discriminated for something they can't control. I should mention, I mentioned biological factors, and scientific studies have concluded that gay people (on the whole), have biological factors that make them gay. Then of course there are the freaky deaky bi-curious people who want to experiment, but they are the exception. Most people wouldn't want to try out being gay for the heck of it. Most people wouldn't wanna just "try it out"; why would they choose to put up with the bullshit gay people go through (makes sense, no?).

I think that gay couples should be allowed to marry, especially with secular based marriages. Old world views are that marriage should only be between a man and a woman, but we know a lot more about homosexuality in this day and age, and as I said earlier, most gay and bi people don't choose their sexuality like how people don't choose their skin color or eye color. So we should discriminate against them for something they don't choose? Let's start being more fair to them, I say.
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