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Originally Posted by Telmah View Post
I personally believe the state should stop legislating marriage in general--and in fact remove itself from the entire institution (ie No tax credits for marriage). Leave marriage as a strictly religious union. Follow a seperation of church and state ideal more than they do. All the difficulties with gay marriage tend to disappear then.


Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
There's a serious disconnect between the thread title and the poll question ... to the point my "flame bait" flag has the safety off.

The conflation of civil marriage and religious marriage (in programmer-speak, "function overloading") has a lot to do with this issue (which often becomes a "stop thinking" hot button issue for homophobes who justify themselves with really shaky religious assertions).
Also this.

Seriously. Simple fix.

Just rename "marriage" to "civil union" whether it's between a man and a woman, a man and a man or a woman and a woman.

The argument against "gay marriage" is wholly built upon the ownership of the word "marriage."

Give them their word back, and let everyone have equal rights under the law, thanks.

The most complex problems in the world have the simplest fixes.

The economy? Want to fix that in four words?

Repeal all corporate taxes. There, economy fixed.

More proof that simple and easy aren't synonyms.
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