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Originally Posted by Irenicus View Post
Considering what we know of behavioral science, that's outright wrong. What you're saying is behavioral repression.

Is puppy love a carefully arranged multi-generational social engineering construct, or is it, god forbid, natural? How does one fall in love for that first time, and why? So why can feeling attraction to someone of the same sex be a social construct, especially if Western society for the last few centuries viciously opposed anything remotely homosexual?

If it's really a socially influenced thing, we would have seen their extinction by now with those centuries of oppression. On the contrary, children of heterosexual couples in rabidly sexually intolerant societies continue to become homosexual...even if the environment forced them to learn to hide such tendencies from the world. And we now know that intelligent animals like elephants exhibit homosexual behaviors, both male and female.

Homosexuality is natural. The few of us who get it are just waiting for the rest of the world to drop their petty prejudice.
Thank you Irenicus. I agree with you. I think that most people who are gay or bi have biological factors at work. I'm totally convinced of this.

Think of it, FlagrantFlora, if it was more about nurture than nature, why do so many people 'turn out gay' despite having upbringings where heterosexuality is encouraged (or worse, homosexuality is vilified, on top of it). There have been homosexuals all throughout human history, all over the world. Most cultures have not looked kindly on it. There were gays in America in the 1920s-1950s (and earlier, of course). It just wasn't commonly heard of because people hid it in a society that condemned it. See, it was very condemned...didn't stop the fact that there were homosexual individuals. It is just that most of them repressed it, denied it, hid it from themselves and the rest of the world. Think of how many people are gay in the muslim world but just about no one ever finds out because if that comes out, they'll die? Again, societies where homosexuality is condemned, but there are still gay people in those societies. You see more and more gay and bi people in America these days because people can come out in this day and age and it isn't as terrible as some other countries out there.

Plus, the view that homosexuality comes natural to many gays and bis is not just a baseless view of mine. Scientific studies back it. More and more over time, scientific findings find that gays and bis have biological factors which dictate their sexuality. Like I said, some people are just experimental. But some (most gays and bis, I believe) can't help but be attracted to the same sex. Their inclination wasn't a concrete choice, that is for sure. Like I said before, why would people choose to be gay and put up with the bullshit? No, these people can't help but feel the way they do and they come out and date people of the same sex because it is natural for them and it will lead to a healthier, happier life for them (as someone said in this thread). They'll suffer if they live a lie.

And also, I find you have a wrong view in saying some gay people just "indulge" in the homosexual lifestyle. What do you mean by that? That people who feel that way about physical attraction are wrong for embracing it. They shouldn't date people that they want to date? That is only for the heterosexuals? I know you mentioned your religion calls it a sin, and I can respect that you have views aligned with your religion, but consider if people don't choose this aspect of themselves. It is pretty unfair to speak of them as social deviants over something about themselves they didn't choose.

I also thought about something about my first post...I wrote it but then thought about how I really think about this topic...I welcome it when a state legalizes gay marriage, and I'm for it, but I'm not a big advocate about it or anything. If it passes into law, it happens, and I don't complain. But to add to my views...what I really care about is these people getting the same rights. Married couples who are straight get benefits from being married and certain rights. I really just want to see gay couples get the same rights. Even if it was just civil unions with the same rights (although that would be separate but equal; not good), I want to see the same rights.

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