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There a subtle hints here and there, IMO. For an early one, there's the scene with Hayate reflecting on why he suddenly flashed to Nagi while talking to Ayumu and for a brief moment he's like "does that mean I..." then he walks in and gets accidentally flashed by Nagi and decides that what he's feeling must be what a brother feels, not because he knows (He never had a sister) but because he doesn't know what else to compare it to.
Actually, that scene is one rather complicated if you ask me, but I don't think it was romantic at all. If you remember correctly, he remembered Nagi's crying face. Now that we have all the info about his past with Athena, we know why that image came to his mind. As for the little sister thing, what Hayate thought was "I wonder if this is what a brother feels like when he's worried about his little sister." If you've read the entire manga, as I assume you have, that much describes the development they have had quite perfectly.

Originally Posted by madmac View Post
Otherwise, I think it's just a difference in expectations. This isn't the kind of manga where Hayate is going to act overtly in love with a 13 year old girl, so it's goes without saying that their relationship will remain extremely understated unless/until Nagi grows older.

Er, in other words I don't expect a Nagi/Hayate ending to be anything but a very gradual one that doesn't get the sort of romantic development you're talking about until very late into the series. I still see her as the default winner, though. If nothing else, if she wasn't intended as the primary romantic interest, you'd expect some other girl would occupy that role and none of them really fit the mold.
Well, this is hard to say. The whole butler deal is indeed the main part of the plot, but the romance has also become one of the major things in the manga. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the amount of people who read the manga for the latter is as large or maybe even larger than the people who read this manga for the former reason.

When you have characters like Hina and Ayumu who have had a lot of romantic development for the entire manga, or like Athena who have been introduced almost purely for that purpose, you can say there's also other side to this manga.

I don't know. A no romantic end wouldn't surprise me at all. In fact, is one of the endings I'm actually expecting, but I've got to admit that, in my opinion, it would be terribly off-putting.
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