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Precisely why she should have went. They could have meet, and became friends, but I guess that Hata has something else in store for them. Well, they'll eventually meet, since Chiharu now lives in the same house as Hayate and Nagi.

Ayumu is bound to visit them sometime...

Anyway, Nagi did sort of protest against it. She thought it was troublesome, and without Chiharu's motivation, she'd never go along with it. She'd just say that it can't be helped, or deliver a gift by proxy.

At least that's how I picture it....


Well, by the looks of it, Hayate didn't have enough time to say that much. This manga has a lot of misunderstandings, so it might be possible that Ayumu assumed that Nagi was the one who made it up, while it was Hayate in the first place who remembered her birthday, etc...

Maybe we'll get the answer in the next chapter, or newer ones.

This week's picture on Hata's blog is Yukariko (I think).

It might be someone else. I'm kinda forgetful and I certainly don't remember all the characters, so go ahead and state your own opinion.

Perhaps the Luca arc is going to start soon...?

Guess that's it for the birthday, huh?

And then.. sharks eat them! Hahahahah!!
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