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Originally Posted by Bastion_Arcion View Post
Yes, they all fell for him immediately, but Nagi's relationship is an evolving one, where as the others are rather stagnant.

Er, what?

There is no romantic relationship between Hayate and Nagi whatsoever. Everything is 100% one-sided from Nagi, from chapter 1 where she misunderstood him. Nagi isn't even a blip on Hayate's romantic radar, because he doesn't consider her dating material at all.

He's her guardian, her butler, her protector. He would walk in on her naked and not even flinch. She would kiss him, and he wouldn't even have a second thought about it. Their relationship now is exactly like the relationship in chapter 1: Nagi thinks they're in a relationship, Hayate doesn't consider her romantically whatsoever.

There is some development for Nagi - slooooow development, away from sheltered Hikikomori-dom, and towards a more open personality. But she's still a far shot from mature. If I've missed a scene where Hayate thinks of her in a romantic way, please be so kind and give me a chapter/page reference.

Hinagiku - When he brought her to the balcony to look out over the city, many of her other scenes do more about her tsun- attitude than actually move the relationship anywhere.
Hinagiku certainly has the longest and most detailed development. She's come a long way from liking him on first sight, dropping him down to Ayasaki-kun again, trying to help Ayumu with him, realizing her own feelings, and the slow long painful path till yielding him to Athena.

Ayumu - When he caught her while her bike was about to go over a cliff
At least, Hayate was happy about her feelings, even though he wasn't able to really return them. Ayumu's role has shifted a bit - less from frontline competitor for Hayate, but more as a confidant and great friend to the other characters.

Izumi - When he rescued her (stuffed animal) from the 'viscous' dog (Lucky)
Not a real competitor. In both directions. She didn't "fall" for him either.

Chiharu - When he gave her a massage
Not a competitor at all. She certainly didn't "fall" for him though.

Athena - When he took her offered hand
Another very meaningful and detailed romantic development. It still took her quite a while to "fall" for him though, and it definitely wasn't the "offered hand" scene.
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