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Originally Posted by madmac View Post
If she wants an evolving relationship she'll have to start fresh.
if a relationship start between Athena and Hayate, it won't be form scratch. She is already way ahead of everyone else in the game. While I don't agree with Mentar that we will only see her near the end of the series. I do agree we won't see her for a long while, at least 100 chpts.

I definitely think there's a bit of bias in saying that Ayumu and Hina have "real" romantic development that the other girls lack,
Hina hasn't had any romantic developments. But Ayumu defintely had a few, as Hayate is actually aware that she likes him.

A relationship doesn't have to be romantic to be an evolving one. Hayate has gone from "kidnap her for ransom" to "Do a good job so you don't get fired" to "I don't want to let her down" to "Why would she sell me to someone else?" to "It doesn't matter if you dislike me, I will always care for you." to "It's lonely being apart from Ojo-sama" and so on, all the way to "The girl I want to protect the most". That's not a trivial thing.
it is not trivial but none of it is on the romantic side. Hayate still looks at Nagi as a little sister type. And that won't change till the end of the series as hayate being aware of Nagi's romantic feelings would completely alter the story form Comedy with a touch of romance to Romantic Drama.

It would go straight to the KGNE level of angst drama.

Athena - Girl he broke a promise to
Nagi - Girl he made a new promise to
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