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I was so thrilled to finally watch this episode. I miss the original OP, definitely, but I guess this one wasn't bad. I enjoyed the conversation between Natsuno and Tooru immensly, though I don't really buy the explanation--I'm sure there is a way for them to evolve into causing less harm. I wonder if Tatsumi is able to sense where they are, and that is why Tooru says they can't escape? I suppose their utter isolation also plays a part--they can't stow away in a box on a train if there is none around. Poor Megumi is more trapped than she ever was in life; and has her feelings manipulated constantly by Tatsumi. Her ending scene was just perfect--she was just out for a drink...

I really wish the tanaka kid had less screentime and especially lines--he needs to die, immediately--his immature, unrealistic, meaningless, empty words of "resolve" are obnoxious to hear. I guess his father will be the one to kill him...
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