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Originally Posted by Konakaga View Post
I'll finish reading the thread and edit my thoughts after, but something of interest to some anyways, Sora's lovely version of the Fandisk opening song, or so I've been told it's from that , Taguchi Hiroko can sing quite well it seems
Oh, they made fandisk too, what's this? An add-on with more routes or an spin-off like fate-ataraxia?

Originally Posted by Malkuth View Post
Why is it so hard to accept the ambiguity of the final episode
I see but even this anime is a great adaption there is people that don't like ambiguous ending. I'm a bit upset that they derail the plot only in the last episode of the final arc on purpose, but well is me.
Also i guess is normal that people speculate, wasn't it the purpose of this ending change?
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