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While I am disappointed that a lot of things were not resolved, I simply get over that and look at Episode 8 as a 'tying everything up' arc, rather then a 'solution' arc. I do think that Eva's diary was a bit to much of a cock tease if he wasn't going to reveal it's contents, though.

But, I don't think it's really fair to say Ryukishi doesn't have an answer. I think Episode 7, for one, proves he does have an answer in mind. And, if he didn't have an answer, there would likely be a lot of problems with the numerous amounts of red text that have been said throughout the series.

To use the poker example used earlier, the red text is like the person who refused to show his hand going "I'll show you three or four of my cards". If he doesn't actually have that hand he claims, then showing three cards could be a problem for him. But if he shows those three cards, and they make up the hand that he claims, then it's more likely that he actually does have the hand. Though it is certainly possible that he doesn't, I doubt he would show any of his hand if he didn't.

If Ryukishi were to, in the future, release all the answers, I think Episode 8 might not be as hated by some people as it was (I can't say 'everyone', of course.) That's how I look at it. I read through Episode 8 with my own ideas on what the answer was, and while I was disappointed that there was no confirmation or denial, instead of taking it as 'there is no answer', I decided that for me, my answer would be the 'truth', at least until he reveals otherwise.

I can fully understand why people are disappointed in the ending and why they hate Episode 8, but I just thought I would state this is why I don't hate it when I'm in a similar position. Far from hating it, it was probably my second or third favorite Episode.

EDIT: To answer Circular's question, I read it.

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