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Originally Posted by AyaSai View Post
Aya Hirano would be perfect for Erika, I believe.

I wonder what Lion's seiyuu would be. I was thinking either Maaya Sakamoto, Romi Park, or Megumi Ogata.

But what about Claire? Is it still gonna be Sayaka Orhara or someone else? Since... you know ... Claire is....
I really do think Aya Hirano would be an awesome choice, but I really have to wonder where the desire started. Of course, let's not rule out the possibility of Yukari Tamura doing it (what with Erika being made in Bern's image and all), even if the news of Ryukishi07 saying he has found a voice for her means it's more likely to be different.

Maaya Sakamoto is one of my thoughts for Lion as well, but only because of her role as Soul Eater's Crona, another character infamous for gender ambiguity. Then again, there are plenty of choices for people who can play characters with ambiguous genders. But I think it'd be someone other than Sayaka Ohara, since
Spoiler for EP7:

I too think Ohara would be fitting for Claire, as well as Bice. Of course, Daisuke Ono should also play young Kinzo. Still, this is all just speculation...
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