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New information about Umineko Chiru for PS3 seems to have surfaced.
Alchemist seems to have set the release date for December 15th 2011, the price will be 8379 Yen. There's no news about a special edition yet, but I bet there will be one.

The game includes Full Voice like the first one, but not only that. They also seem to develop 80 new BGM tracks besides the original tracks which will be all included as it appears. I assume some of them might replace the songs that were used in some places. Did the PS3 version of the first four feature the same endings as the PC version? I always asked that to myself...

The opening appears to be performed by Zwei and be called イナンナの見た夢 (Inanna no mita yume)...but that seems to be more like a rumour.
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