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Originally Posted by RedKey View Post
Happy for the 80 new tracks, but I hope they won't replace many old, awesome tracks. I'll be sad if they don't include Byakumu no Mayu in EP8
As for the OP, one definitely can't hope for Occultics and Pithos, right?
It didn't sound like they are planning to remove aything, rather like they want to either improve on certain scenes (enter something they couldn't finish on time maybe...or they'll introduce some new stuff in this game. Who knows.
OP will almost definitely be changed, they won't pass on the chance to promote a new single. But I'm also pretty excited to hear a new thing. Though I wonder if they change the OP after DAWN as well.

Originally Posted by immblueversion View Post
I believe they're the same songs, but they're rearranged so that they don't sound quite like the PC versions, but similar enough for no one to complain.
That's good to I'll just hope they keep that up.
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