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Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
Random horror was very nearly a great show for 10 episodes, before the director went Blood-C for the final two. Sure as hell a more creative and distinctive show than HanaIro.
I agree. However, I still think that HanaIro was better executed show compared to Another given that the former didn't completely flop in the end. Not to mention HanaIro was quite better than your compared to your average "cute girls doing cute things" show. Though it had some slow eps in the bit, I thought it was a pretty solid slice of life series for what it was. My main complaint is in regarding to the emansculation of male characters

Originally Posted by fertygo View Post
Oh people

P.A only produce 6 show so far

1 romance show, n then they make 2 sci-fi show, and making Hanasaku Iroha (which apparently became their "formula" now, despite their track do not say so) and just after they make a show that no one bother make a show with that genre, people accuse them for "settling"
No one said that. You're making a strawman argument here. Guardian Enzo merely said that PA Works doesn't seem to be trying very hard with this which they aren't. Visuals are a downgrade compared to what we're normally used to from PA excepting Another since that was made on a low budget. Plot/Atmosphere based on the PV is a downgrade because it was incredibly low key and unimpressive to say the least.

Btw, am I the only one that is laughing my head off regarding the "Girls Generation" tags on the scans. Combined with the fact the Tari Tari logo has music symbols I'm going to start laughing at it (in a bad way) if the girls start singing and busting out moves like this and this.

Of course the chances of that happening is close to 0%.
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