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Originally Posted by fertygo View Post
Well its better attempt than trying too hard make something different like making some random horror show. Haha! who the hell that can be so clueless like tha... oh wait.
I actually appreciated Another for being different, so even though it was incredibly flawed I still liked it.

Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
Random horror was very nearly a great show for 10 episodes, before the director went Blood-C for the final two. Sure as hell a more creative and distinctive show than HanaIro.
Oi, oi, let's not be bashing HanaIro or else things will be getting messy:
Spoiler for space:

And anyway, HanaIro is the only coming of age about work and it's conflicts with romance and the mother & daughter relationship, that I've ever seen. I thought it was fairly distinctive.
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