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Originally Posted by Archon_Wing View Post
Well, if fragments and bits of Mari Okada's demented sexual fantasies can make PA's second best show IMO, it's really not that bad eh?

I think she helps, tbh. PA is nothing without her! Because the scripts make even less sense.

As for Tari Tari, we just need to keep in mind what the purpose of the show is, and adjust accordingly. Those better have good backgrounds to make up for the so-so designs though.
Well, I'd rank it third at best - and that's a pretty short list of shows anyway - but I think it proves a larger point. HanaIro had about 10-12 episodes worth of very good material, and the rest was all Okada bloatware. It would have been an excellent one-cour series - but when Okada isn't being edited by someone with enough power, she's her own worst enemy.

The issue with Tari Tari for me is that it looks to be a blatant attempt to cash in on the HanaIro brand, and there's really no one at the top levels of the staff to give reason to think it'll be anything special. I hope I'm wrong, because PA Works produces so few series and their backgrounds are so gorgeous that I hate to see them swing and miss.
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