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Originally Posted by DonQuigleone View Post
It seems to be going for a mecha/sci-fi slant, which is fine with me. Mecha was a bit moribund there for a while, good to see it coming back.

The question is if they can squeeze something new out. The hints seem to point towards a slightly mythic vibe, and the fact the protagonist will be a girl will give an interesting twist (given Mecha is traditionally dominated by guys). What would put me off if it's just going for a generic Mo or Harem angle. That said, I don't see them going through this whole "hint hint" rigamarole for a generic show.
Mecha isn't really making any sort of comeback, at least not the real or super robot type I've always been a fan of. It seems like now its almost always mecha musume or some blend of moe on mecha where the actual robots fighting thing always seems like an afterthought. Also the mecha design in these shows always come off as generic to me, especially when they're CGI which often seems to be the case.

I'll give it a chance hoping it'll break the mold a bit but not exactly holding my breath. The whole island setting thing isnt exactly a great sign to me these days either.
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