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Originally Posted by desrtsku View Post
Not really, the mecha genre has been filled with girls for ages already. There's several mecha anime title whose main charaters are girls that can be mentioned in that premise (Sora wo kakeru shojo, Idolm@ster xenoglossia, Rinne no Lagrange, etc ...) but they're still a minority compared to the outstanding number of mecha anime with male lead out there though. However if you also count supporting characters piloting too, then, I'd say it's even more balanced than what you think
Yeah, but it's almost never done well, for whatever reason. The only instance of female protagonist (and dominated) Mecha being good is Aim for the Top! Back in the late 80s. So while it has been done, I'd still consider it fairly virgin territory.

About that it's pretty much confirmed since the beginning that it'll be moe (Dengeki G+aniplex+girls = Angel beats for instance ), though it's pretty hard for the "harem angle" because of the circumstances set by the said hints that have been revealed so far. And in that regard the chance of it being a real mecha anime is also pretty low, to be accurate certain hints pretty much confirmed that it's a mecha musume one.
As for the story and if this anime will bring any kind or innovation to its genre is currently unknown. Truth to be told, everything mentioned so far in this thread were pure speculation. But, probably (I said probably) if the identity of the main staff will be revealed we might be able to tell if a genre deconstruction is possible or not. But until, then I advise you not to put your hopes too high
Any anime these days featuring girls is going to feature some Mo. It's a question of degree. If the show is dominated by the Mo with the mecha/sci-fi aspects just an afterthought, it'll be a dissappointment for me. On the flip side, it could be good. If you recall, Aim for the Top! also contained a fair amount of (proto) Mo, and fanservice, but it is nevertheless considered one of the foremost examples of Mecha. The female protagonist (whose name escapes me) bucked the trend for most women in mecha, by being very fleshed out and 3 dimensional. Most importantly, she had plenty of Burning Passion, that is often such an essential ingredient for good mecha. A lot of other female centred mecha fail on this point, having cute, but ultimately unimpressive leading ladies.
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