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Originally Posted by DonQuigleone View Post
Yeah, but it's almost never done well, for whatever reason. The only instance of female protagonist (and dominated) Mecha being good is Aim for the Top! Back in the late 80s. So while it has been done, I'd still consider it fairly virgin territory.
I see, well It's just like how One swallow does not make a summer, is it?

Originally Posted by DonQuigleone View Post
Any anime these days featuring girls is going to feature some Mo. It's a question of degree.
You're exaggerating, there do exist recent anime that aren't moe at all, even if they are centered around girls : Madoka (believe it or not ), Un-go, Gundam Age (if you consider being a loli itself is not moe though), Eden of the east, most Ghibli and other Production IG movies ... if you're seeing something that can be called "moe" or "fanservice" in them it might have been unintentional.

Originally Posted by DonQuigleone View Post
If you recall, Aim for the Top! also contained a fair amount of (proto) Mo, and fanservice, but it is nevertheless considered one of the foremost examples of Mecha. The female protagonist (whose name escapes me) bucked the trend for most women in mecha, by being very fleshed out and 3 dimensional. Most importantly, she had plenty of Burning Passion, that is often such an essential ingredient for good mecha. A lot of other female centred mecha fail on this point, having cute, but ultimately unimpressive leading ladies.
Seems like the moe is settled, then, ...about the other one ... I wasn't born yet at the time so I don't really know (I watched Diebuster though) but I still believe you made a very good point, that's for sure. But, even so, it's not impossible for a not-so impressive female lead to fit in a good mecha anime. After all, "burning passion" isn't actually that essential for any mecha series in the first place, say most successful Gundam series (that doesn't have Char and Armuro as leading roles >.>), as well as Evangelion, and the some of the Macross series all have half backed MC but are still very good series and unforgettable references (well that's what deconstruction are for).
I assert the plot and the mecha battle themselves can make a Mecha series a good one (but not certainly epic though) without having " stunning guys armed with guts and unshakable feelings" as the tip of the sword, just being interesting on their own way and fitting their own context is enough, isn't it? ^^
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