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Ah, I see. The episode makes a lot more sense now. So, even though the top players are at least on the 70s, floor-wise (last episode, it was stated they were at least), everyone hangs out in the 50s, because that's where the masses are, and presumably the floor bosses respawn, thus the top players need to return and kill them over and over again to help out the lower level players?
Actually I think they're on the 59th floor at this time. The EP pretty clearly states they're on that floor... and I doubt Kirito would randomly take a nap very far away from the front lines.

I don't recall which floor they were on last ep (35th?) but just because Kirito is level 70+ doesn't mean the currently floor is in the 70's. The anime has spent a bit of time hinting that folks typically heavily overlevel the current floor's content for safety, and Kirito as a solo player would have to seriously overlevel the content to survive solo.
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