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Originally Posted by Orga777 View Post
Yeah, I know that... But still... It is the principle of the thing.
Not really that upset. Just irked.
meh. its always about Americans, nah nah nah.

The Brits are the villain!

how the hell you think us bloody brits feel?!

Britannia is actually the American continent? The throne being passed to a LOVER?!

absobloodylutely outrageous.

it's insulting, that the greatest heroes, such as Lord Nelson was defeated by Napoleon! No battle of Waterloo! arrggh.

Well the only way i can consulate myself, is think of Britannia as the USA but with a monarchy system that would make a Republican wet himself with love and that Zero is the incarnation of a True Brit. I hope he crush the Empire! Viva Zero!

[/end ridiculous rant/frothing]
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