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Well the only way i can consulate myself, is think of Britannia as the USA but with a monarchy system that would make a Republican wet himself with love and that Zero is the incarnation of a True Brit. I hope he crush the Empire! Viva Zero!
Really, so a True Brit is willing to stain his own hands by conspiring to kill his own allies (The Japan Liberation Front) or manipulate his own siblings (making Euphie kill the Japanese) in order to further his own selfish goals? I haven't seen any indication that Leloch actually cares about being a power of the weak, he just used those goals to justify to the public his true intentions (getting revenge against his father and making a future for Nunnally).

I'd like to think that Britannia is based on Britain more than we'd think. After all, it was Britain who went around conquering and annexing countries all over the world in the 1700s to early 1900s.
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