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Originally Posted by Ithekro View Post
A lot of the scenes in the movie weren't in Sigh. A lot of the action in Sigh wasn't in the movie during 00....just who is editting this movie? And when did they have time to not only write, but also get Mikuru to sing the theme song?

It is one of the many Haurhi mysteries.
My guess is either someone from the Organization, not wanting Haruhi to get "depressed" by not getting the outcome she wanted, or else Haruhi's repeated overtures that all the inconsistencies and incongruities of her thrown-together plot would be ironed out in editing simply came true because, like the white birds, the unseasonable sakura blossoms and so on, she wanted it to be so, and so it was. Yuki could have done it, but I can't help but think she would have made the special effects a bit less cheesy while still being plausible for a no-budget film.

Originally Posted by Heatth View Post
Not only that, but the special effects in the end (when Itsuki send Yuki flying) are fair greater then anything Kyon could ever do (the rest is still crap, tough).
Since the series is supposed to take place at present day, I think the effect of Yuki getting blasted away would be something you could probably do with a decent video editting program, at least if some of the videos you see on YouTube are any example.
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