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Please forgive me for double-posting. But this news just deserves a post of it's own!

Some latest updates on MGLN A's PSP GOD:

Spoiler for Teach us! Einhart-sensei!:

Spoiler for Movie versions of Nanoha and Fate:

Spoiler for Amitie, Touma and HOLY-!!!!!:

Spoiler for Beach Amitie:

Spoiler for Kyrie, Einhart and Vivio:

Speaking of Kyrie...

Spoiler for *wolfwhistles*:

She definitely knows how to flaunt her charm. Just from the images, I can definitely feel the Excellen Browning vibes from her. I bet she's the type to flirt indiscriminately and won't mind exposure-

Spoiler for *SPITTAKES*:

I lose... @_@


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Yagami Hayate: ver. GenerationS; Part 1, Part 2

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