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i thought shinigami need to know their sword's name to release their shikai? ichigo didnt gain his fulltime release shikai until he learned zangetsu's name. kenpachi doesnt know his sword's name
Ichigo's situation seemed kind of special though. Most shinigami learn how to manifest their weapon into its sealed state by figuring out how to solidify their reiryoku into the zanpakuto's form. Ichigo, on the other hand, jumped straight to learning his zanpakuto's name, so all he had to do was call out to it in order to make the weapon manifest. Kenpachi most likely gained his permanent released shikai by obtaining a sealed zanpakuto through traditional means first. His enormous spiritual energy probably took care of the rest at that point.

Bad news guys. Looks like Bleach took a sudden break this week. What's worse is that I'm getting word that Jump #36-37 is a double issue because of something called the "the Obon Festival" in Japan. This means we won't get a chapter next week either. Long story short, if this info is correct, don't expect new spoilers until around August 15th.

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