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Originally Posted by Mindblower View Post
Didnt Ken-chan say his sword was always in shika like ichigos? in the anime i recall that happening. if not then why dose his zanpotko look so diffrent? i understand the jaged teeth, but whats with the handle? and the size, it longer, and in the battle with ?niritoa? he made a remark about how nirtoa's sp was making his sword sharper?
It would make sense that if Kenpachi had a shikai, it would be a sword that got more powerful depending on the reiatsu of the opponent he's fighting. It would suit his style very well, and it would explain why he quickly lose interest if he's going up against "small fry" as we saw during the Fullbringer arc.

Even if he doesn't know his swords name, it doesn't mean it may have some sort of unknown power that it's constantly using, kinda like Ichigo releasing a getsuga tensho on "instinct" when he was training with Urahara.
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