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Macross FAQ

I've never watched a Macross show before, I need to have see them before watching Macross Frontier?
Probably not. So far, most Macross shows have been relatively separate from every other work so that no prior knowledge has been necessary to get into the story. There may be story elements that aren't fully explained initially, but they will probably be covered in enough detail in the show itself. As for the rest, that's pretty much the reason for this FAQ.

I've never watched any Macross shows before, so where's the best place to start?
To be honest, Macross Frontier is as good a choice as anything else. It covers many of the main bases that other Macross shows do, and it's new, so you can share the experience at the same time as the more experienced Macross fans.

Another good show to start with is the original SDF Macross. It's old, but it forms the basis of every subsequent work. It's also regarded as an anime classic for pretty good reasons. Alternatively, you can watch the "Do You Remember Love?" movie since it covers the same material as SDF Macross, but does so in a much shorter time, and with vastly improved artwork. The only problem is that it's a very condensed retelling, so the elements may be a bit difficult to absorb, and there's quite a bit of material that's unexplained.

Macross Plus is another good option. It's available either as a four-episode OVA or a movie, and it tells a very complete story that serves as a decent introduction to the franchise.

What is the relationship between Macross and Robotech?
Robotech is an amalgamation of three different shows: Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, Super Dimensional Cavalry Souther Cross, and Genesis Climber Mospeada; and fused them into a single show. There are a few changes to the Macross portion of Robotech like the nature of Protoculture and the Robotech Masters but it captures the original fairly well. The other two shows, along with subsequent Robotech works, are completely unrelated to the Macross universe.

Are the people with pointed ears aliens or are they genetically alterd humans or what?
They are likely to be either Zentradi-human hybrids or full-blooded Zentradi.
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