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Macross FAQ - Please read this first

[Macross is a 25+ year-old franchise comprising many works; almost all of which are in the same universe. There hasn't been a new TV show since 1995, so this is a good place to get new viewers up to speed. Experienced Macross viewers can feel free to ignore this thread.
- 4Tran]

What are Zentradi/Meltrandi?
The Zentradi are a warrior race of giants who attacked the Earth in 2009 with massive spacefleets.

In this race's language, "meltran" appears to mean female with "meltrandi" being the plural term. Among males, "Zentradi" appears to be both the sigular and the plural term. Because the Zentradi are sexually segregated, Meltran and Meltrandi tend to be used for females of the race.

Anatomically, Zentradi are almost indistinguishable from humans, with some slight differences in skin tone, hair color, and a massive difference in size. After being "micloned" (miniaturized), Zentradi shrink by about a factor of 5 in every dimension, and a factor of 125 in mass. For example a particular Meltran who was 855cm tall and 6250kg originally would be 171cm tall and 50kg after the miclonization process. Genetically, the two races are similar enough to produce viable offspring.

Zentradi commonly have the following pigmentation combinations:

Skin ColourHair ColourEye Colour
Dark purpleBlueBlue
Light purpleGreenBrown
Light bluePurpleGreen
Pink (Caucasian)BrownBrown

[Note that Zentradi portrayed after Do You Remember Love came out have largely dropped the different skin colors (with one major exception), and used pointed ears to denote their lineage.]

[If you're interested in contributing to this FAQ, please post what you want to add in the Request Thread.
- 4Tran]

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