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NB: SPOILERS ahead - please stop here if you haven't already seen the series, or continue on at your own risk.

Kawamori, Yoshino and the ending of the Macross Frontier TV series

There are a couple of myths about the ending of the Macross Frontier TV series, myths which have been floating around for the last three years. They have typically been used by shippers on both sides to support their ships, leading to arguments that have gotten out of hand on more than one occasion.

To help reduce these arguments, I'd like to debunk those myths here. They are:

(1) that Kawamori did not have a say in the ending to the TV series, and was subsequently disappointed/upset because of the way it ended.
As creative director of the Macross series, Kawamori approved everything. Furthermore, as far as I know, he has not expressed disappointment at the way he chose to end the series.
(2) that Yoshino was the one responsible for the triangle non-resolution in the TV series,
In his fanbook interview, Yoshino ascribes the responsibility for this non-resolution to "everyone", because all involved felt that "it wasn't something that would end along the lines of someone winning, along the lines of Alto ending up with one or the other; that it need not end in that manner".
(3) that Yoshino outrightly stated where Alto's feelings lay at the end of the TV series.
This rumour stems from a few mistranslations, including one from Yoshino's fanbook interview. I have not read every interview he's ever done about Frontier, but as far as I am aware, Yoshino has not made a clear statement about the outcome of the triangle (except to say that he doesn't want to comment on it).
Please refer to the following thread, Macross Frontier (Macross 25) general discussion [No Spoilers], for a translation of the relevant sections of Yoshino's fanbook interview and any further discussion.

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