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Originally Posted by Slice of Life View Post
Compared to a Ghibli movie, TV productions are obviously cheap and not far away from what 5cm costs per minute, probably without calling in favors. And I'm sure Toradora is still cheaper than a Gundam or anything that relies on animation-heavy action scenes.

I simply don't get you budget fixation. An anime should have a big budget or at least look like it has one. Why do you compare to big budget productions at all? Animation is what eats the budget. And animation is what Shinkai stands for(*) A well-written script is dead cheap in comparison.

And when I point out that (real or seemingly) big budget isn't everything, all you think of is "porn". Actually, porn could benefit more from a big budget than a dialogue heavy show.
Heh, points taken. However, the "budget fixation" is basically a counterargument to my own points about how new media is a threat to animation studios, because it may drastically reduce future revenue streams and thus force the industry to consolidate, downsize or use any other means to adjust production costs correspondingly.

Assuming, of course, that new media is even to blame. There are, no doubt, other economic factors at work.

Meanwhile, make a good-enough product for a well-targeted audience and, yes, people will still buy.
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