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Regardless of Shinkai's relative merits as a creator, the point remains that a production of comparable quality to those churned out by full-fledged studios can be be carried out on a very small budget. (I highly suspect, though, that Shinkai called in several favours in order to get by on just US$220,000 for 5 Centimetres Per Second.)
Wasn't that also because he did a lot of the work himself? He seems to have a lot less overhead than the traditional pipeline of an animation production.
5cm/sec credits:
Director: Makoto Shinkai
Screenplay: Makoto Shinkai
Storyboard: Makoto Shinkai
Producer: Makoto Shinkai
3DCG Work: Makoto Shinkai, Yoshitaka Takeuchi
Camera: Makoto Shinkai
Cinematography: Makoto Shinkai
Color design: Makoto Shinkai
Editing: Makoto Shinkai
Sound director: Makoto Shinkai

Looking at Beyond the Clouds, the Promised Place, there's even less people involved. Also, another similar style of production is Hoshizora Kiseki, where's it's practically all Akio Watanabe
other small scale examples would be with Touhou's A Summer Day`s Dream and Kinema Kan.

I highly doubt Toradora! was "cheap" to make. According to industry representatives, a single episode of a typical anime series costs around US$120,000 to produce. So, a 20+ episode project like Toradora! could easily cost a studio between US$2 million and US$3 million. That's hardly small change, even for a show aimed at a highly-targeted audience.
I've always wondered how are the figures computed anyways? I'm assuming that they are including much more than the man-hours needed at J.C. Staff to produce a single episode.

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