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Originally Posted by TinyRedLeaf View Post
Finally, to what extent is the anime market driven by otaku spending? They may be the most vocal segment, but that doesn't necessarily mean they've got the biggest spending power. Also, the industry is likely to ruin itself by catering only to a niche, instead of expanding its appeal.
Originally Posted by dahoosafeth View Post
I certainly hope that isnt the case. Its one thing to recognize the fact that the market may be a niche market, but catering it to that market rather than having wider appeal isnt something that will work forever.
Most anime produced has been targeted at niche markets for a long time. Most of it is targeted at Otaku, who I would think comprise a large portion of the money spent on the anime. They're almost the only ones willing to pay the amount of money asked. The industry targets the ones willing to pay them. It keeps them alive but it's not a system that offers much potential, in both a business and anime sense.
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