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They are. An anime episode costs from $100k to $200k. This is the usual price for screenplay, storyboard, supervision, key animation, in-between animation, effects, music, seiyuu, and per-episode OP/ED royalties. Some recent figures have been leaked through Winny for Bamboo Blade, which confirm the numbers.
So I guess you could also throw in account manager and secretary costs and people involved in GENCO and associated personel at AT-X and TV-Tokyo
But in all seriousness I wonder if it has to be that much though..

I would assume it didn't cost Touhou that much to produce their 30 min episode
Like I alluded to before about animation methods and what not I believe some of the costs can be driven down. Looking at some behind-the-scenes/making-of footage I see a lot of going back and forth between animators and staff with animation director and director and upper level supervisors for like every little thing.
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