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07 - Lightning Tai
Lightning Squad

Bureau Personnel: Well then, Officer/Enforcer, we look forward to your assistance once more.
Fate: Yes, same to you, thanks for your help.
Erio and Caro: Excuse us.
Bureau Personnel: Take care.
Fate: Shari, how's your side?
Shari: Ah, it seems this is going to take more of my time, you go ahead.
Fate: Really?
Shari: Just so happens that it’s about time for Lightning Squad's two Fowards to go off-duty.
Erio: Sorry.
Caro: Thank you.
Fate: Ah, it's almost dusk; this took up a lot of time, didn't it.
Erio: Yes.
Caro: The sunset's really beautiful, isn't it?
Fate: I still have some time left before leaving for Ground Forces HQ, the two of you don't have any work left to do, do you?
Caro: Yeah.
Erio: We're fine.
Fate: In that case, why don’t we go and have dinner, right?
Caro and Erio: Ha~, yes
Fate: We'll go have your favourite egg dish. Alto recommended a good restaurant to me.

Fate: Work’s been pretty hard lately, are you two okay?
Erio: Yes, we're doing our best.
Caro: Everyone says that we work very well together with Subaru-san and Tea-san.
Fate: Though what I say may be a bit strange, but you Forwards are a very good group/team, regardless if it's just a combination of you two or all four of you together.
Erio: Recently, team battles practices with random combinations have also been increasing.
Caro: Like me with Subaru-san, or Erio-kun with Teana-san.
Fate: I see... You know, the truth is, the three of us doing things like this, eating and resting together, it might be nice if we could do more of it...
Erio: Ah, no, Subaru-san and Teana-san are also there, it won't be good if only we get special treatment and we don’t want it.
Fate: In the dormitories, Nahoha clearly has a single-person bedroom, but she managed to live together with me.
Erio: There must have been reasons for that.
Caro: Just because our guardian is a fellow co-worker, it’s not an excuse to treat us more leniently/gently.
Fate: Well...
Erio: According to Shari-san and Vice Captain Signum, once the Relic case and the cases afterwards are settled smoothly, and the operation period of Riot Force Six is over, we could have time for a long break.
Caro: So everyone should work hard to settle this incident, so we could have a nice break with no problems.
Fate: Un, once the case is settled, we will go on a very long vacation.
Erio: Once the Relic incident is over and Scaglietti's captured, right?
Fate: Un.
Caro: The criminal that Fate-san is always chasing. Once you arrest him safely, we may finally take a vacation without worries
Fate: Ah, un, definitely.
Erio: We need to do our best, right Caro?
Caro: Yes, Erio-kun!
Fate: Ah, well, but letting the two of you go all out at work before our vacation isn't good either.
Caro: Ehehe, that's true.
Fate: After we eat the tasty omelette and dessert, let's take it easy today, okay?
Caro and Erio: Yes!
Alto: This is Riot Force Six, Long Arch 01. We have an emergency!
Fate: This is Lightning. What's the situation?
Alto: Gadgets have been spotted over the coastline. 12 Type Is and 18 flying Type IIs. They're positioned at Coastal Area 7.
Caro: There are civilians living nearby there.
Alto: And there're no signals of a Relic...
Fate: Although it's pretty far, we're closer to it compared to Riot Force 6. We're dispatching!
Alto: Yes, please do.
Fate: Erio, Caro, I'm sorry, but work comes first.
Caro and Erio: Yes!
Caro: Alto-san, please issue an air/flight clearance. Since Fried is also here, it'll be faster if we fly.
Alto: Yes! Permitting Fate-san and Fried to fly over the city areas.
Fate: Bardiche
Erio: Strada
Caro: Kerykeion
All three: Set up!
Caro: Come forth, my dragon, Friedrich. Dragon Soul Summon!
Erio: The movement on enemy's side is strange. Nothing's moving over there.
Caro: The positions of the Type Is and Type IIs are strange too. You don’t think these are the typical/occasional stray Gadgets that show up, do you?
Fate: It would be great if that's the case. Don't lower your guard.
Caro and Erio: Yes
Fate: There they are.
Kerykeion: Safety confirmation
Caro: I've confirmed that it's safe to fire. Fried, Blast Ray!
Erio: Five have been shot down, the remaining are mine. Strada!
Strada: Explosion!
Caro: What I ask for is the protection of a fortress. Be the silver shield for this young lance knight.
Kerykeion: Boost up: Defense Gain.
Erio: Thanks, Caro. With this, I can now...
Strada: Stahlmesser!
Erio: Concentrate on attacking!
Fate: Ha~!
Bardiche: Harken Saber
Alto: 13 units shot down!
Fate: Un.
Caro: Fate-san
Fate: Caro, why is Erio not with you...
Caro: The 12 ground units are already destroyed. Erio-kun will come right away.
Erio: Altitude's 110. Can you fly that high, Strada?
Strada: Ja!
Erio: Towards Fried's position... Here we go!
Strada: Start!
Fate: Erio! He used Strada to fly this high...
Caro: Fried, we must catch Erio-kun perfectly!
Caro: Erio-kun, you all right?
Erio: Un, Caro!
Caro: Un! Perfect landing!
Erio: Yeah.
Strada: Danke, mein freund.
Fate: That... That was frightening/surprising. You were already able to do this kind of thing?
Caro: Yeah. He got it from Nanoha-san recently and he's allowed to practice it in battle.
Erio: Although it's not exactly like Subaru-san's Wing Road in terms of manoeuvrability, I can already roughly adjust its direction.
Fate: That's amazing.
Alto: The five remaining units are scattering to escape.
Erio: We'll going after them.
Caro: We'll pursue the two units on that side.
Fate: Un, please do so. Be careful!
Caro and Erio: Yes!

Subaru: Oh, Erio and Caro are really competent/great.
Teana: Yeah, their movements are better than they were during practice.
Nanoha: Un.
Alto: All units have been confirmed as shot down. No reinforcements. Stars squad, alert level C, please stay on temporary stand-by and await orders.
Everyone: Roger!

08 - Mitsumeru Shisen
To fix one’s gaze

Quattro: Oh dear, oh dear. With only that many, it was an instant kill. Right Lady Lu?
Lutecia: This is what you wanted show me Quattro?
Quattro: You’re half right and half wrong! What I wanted to show you wasn’t the Gadgets getting destroyed but that Summoner and young boy.
Lutecia: The Summoner…?
Quattro: No matter how hard it is, you do your best all by yourself while those two are always together as brother and sister. Even their mother joins them to help, what insensitive people!
Lutecia: Zest told me it’s pointless to envy the happiness of others.
Quattro: Tsk, tsk. That sounds reasonable but really it’s a lie. Out of all the frontline members of that Division, the only member who could possibly/best counter your most powerful/ultimate summon, Hakutenou is that summoner. It seems that she possesses another divine beast class summon besides that white dragon.
Lutecia: That girl…?
Quattro: That little wannabe knight seems to more than a match for your Garyuu
Lutecia: I won’t lose. Garyuu and Hakutenou are invincible.
Quattro: Well if that’s the case, then it’s okay. I know it’s none of my business but I only wanted to help Lady Lutecia by revealing those who would most interfere with her search for the Relics.
Lutecia: Thank you, Quattro. Well then, until we meet again.
Quattro: Until we meet again~! Preparation/Reinforcement okay, now that little girl will be easier to use.

09 - 2nin no Negai Fate no Omoi
Two people’s wishes, Fate’s thoughts/feelings

Man: Hey, I need you to confirm this!
Caro: Okay!
Erio: We’re heading right over!
Fate: Yes, this is the time it was shot down. We couldn’t confirm any other aerial objects.
Man: So it is. It’s so strange. What was that thing detected in the sea?
Shari: Fate-san?
Fate: Oh, Shari?
Shari: Sorry, the alert level has been lowered. You need to return to HQ soon.
Fate: Yeah…
Shari: You missed dinner didn’t you? I’ll have something quick prepared for you.
Fate: Yeah, thanks Shari. Caro, Erio!
Erio: Oh are we leaving now? We’re all done here now.
Caro: It looks like the analysts’ from Division Six are heading this way.
Fate: Sorry about the dinner.
Erio: Don’t worry about it.
Caro: Another time. Oh yeah. Fate-san, you still have meetings and stuff to do right? Here, please have some.
Fate: Candy? It’s all right, they’re yours right Caro?
Caro: Well, to tell you the truth, I had quite a few. And I just gave Erio half of it.
Erio: They’re really tasty.
Fate: Thank you, Caro, Erio.
Erio: Well then Fate-san…
E+C: Have a good trip/Good luck! (itterasshai)
Fate: Thanks…
Caro: Fate-san seems so…
Erio: Yeah…
Fate: Shari?
Shari: Yes. Huh? Is something wrong?
Fate: You said you were going to have some food prepared for me right? I don’t think I’ll need it.
Shari: Huh?
Fate: Somehow…Tonight… my heart is full. (Chest is bursting/full)

10 - Chrono to Verossa Claudia Bridge
Chrono and Verossa: Claudia Bridge

Man: The route/course is clear/normal, the time until our arrival is 4 hours and 25 minutes.
Woman: No dimensional disturbances reported.
Chrono: Yes? This is the Captain of the warship Claudia; Chrono Harlaown.
Verossa: Hey Chrono-kun. Acous here!
Chrono: Verossa? What’s wrong?
Verossa: What are you talking about? It’s time for our usual chat, mixed with Division 6 business of course.
Chrono: I see.
Verossa: I heard all about it, Captain Takamachi became the guardian for… Vivio, was it? It’s about the search for her parents/caretakers.
Chrono: Yes, how was it/what happened?
Verossa: We couldn’t find anyone after all. We’ve passed around her picture, and checked a bunch of places out. We can’t find a trace of her caretakers/parents.
Chrono: Well, I guess it can’t be helped. It’s not easy to find someone, even if she’s a normal child.
Verossa: Abandoned/Orphaned children leave no tracks to follow.
Chrono: Especially/Not to mention, if she’s a child born different from others, it’s even easier for them to lose their home.
Verossa: Yeah…
Chrono: Oh man, sorry about that. That was thoughtless of me.
Verossa: What? You talking about me? It’s true I was orphaned/abandoned at birth (I was born into a hard life), but right now I’m having the time of my life (alt trans: but right now, I have a wonderful/complete life.). If I had any time to pay attention to it/make a fuss about it, I’d be dazed by it all.
Chrono: I see…
Verossa: Being adopted and raised by the Gracia family without throwing away my identity/name and abilities. Even getting to use them for my job. I now even have forgiving friends and a cute little sister. Although I must say, my cute little sister is way too cheeky/insolent/conceited and way too eager to wield violence against me for the sake of her totally scary education.
Chrono: Hahaha… That’s true.

11 - Erio to Caro 2nin no Omoi
11 - Erio and Caro - Two People's Wish

Erio: Haa...
Erio: Ah, Fried
Erio: Yeah, it's just me. Caro's still taking a bath I think.
Caro: Erio-kun, Fried
Erio: Caro, have you finished taking a bath?
Caro: Yeah, how about Erio-kun?
Erio: Yeah. I'm just a little out of it.
Caro: I see. Can I stay with you?
Erio: Sure. Please do.
Erio: Ahh, the wind feels good.
Caro: The weather is good too, and the stars are also beautiful.
Erio: Caro's homeland was a place with beautiful stars, right?
Caro: Yes, you can see many beautiful stars in Alzus's night sky.
Erio: I only started to look at stars after Fate-san rescued me. You couldn't see the stars in the research center.
Caro: It’s so mysterious/strange, the worlds we were born in and our experiences/lives are completely different, and we’ve had so many tragic things happen, and now we’re looking at Mid's night sky together.
Erio: It's because we were rescued by Fate-san.
Caro: That's true.
Caro: Say, Fate-san today...
Erio: Yeah, we actually saw her looking lonely.
Caro: Even when we're trying our best not to worry her...
Erio: Yeah, because she's so soft-hearted/kind. If we act like children, she becomes very troubled.
Caro: Even if we work very hard, maybe what we're doing is not so helpful.
Erio: Fate-san's work has been getting harder recently, because we don't want to burden her, we decided to work together/do our best together.
Caro: Yeah, we only wish to have Fate-san smile/laugh, so why… why isn’t it working/going well?
Erio: Why is it like this?
Caro: Yeah, why is it like this?

13 - Senmonka
13 - Specialists

Caro: It's strange isn't it...
Subaru: Today's dinner was very good too wasn't it?
Teana: Uh, I think you ate too much before training.
Subaru: Eh? Hm? Erio, Caro, what are you doing... here?
Caro: Subaru-san?
Subaru: What is it? Even Erio...
Caro: Ah, no, that's…
Erio: It's... It's nothing
Subaru: Just look at your faces, how could you say that it's nothing?
Teana: Something troubling you? Is it something we can help you with?...
Erio: That's um...
Caro: It's something about... Fate-san.
Subaru: Ah, between mother and child, huh?
Teana: Ah, our advice wouldn’t be suitable for these kinds of things, would it? (Ah, our advice is a little weak on that front, isn’t it?)
Erio: S... sorry.
Teana: Don't apologize. Come on, you better wipe your tears.
Caro: Oh, sorr-... thanks.
Subaru: Um, now what? If you could find somebody who you could talk about Fate-san...
Teana: Shari-san's outside, Nanoha-san and Vivio are together.
Subaru: Ah, that's right; don’t we already know the best person to discuss about Fate-san?
Teana: Ah, I get it, you mean her, right?
Subaru: Yup, she really knows Fate-san, and she really knows about the two of you too.

Arf: Ah, Erio, Caro, YO!
Erio: Un…
Caro: Sorry, Arf.
Arf: Don't worry about it; I’ve just put the kids to bed. So, what is it?
Erio: Actually... it's about Fate-san...

Shari: Haa, Fate-san, thanks for your hard/tiring work with the meeting. Ah, your car's already parked in the underground parking lot.
Fate: Oh, thank you Shari.

Shari: So, what happened to you?
Fate: Ah, that, there are all sorts of things/reasons...
Shari: Fate-san, I've been telling you for a long time now, the relationships between officers and assistants are like sisters. If you have problems, please talk about it with me.
Fate: Um, I'm happy you said that.
Shari: Really?
Fate: Even if it's a small thing for me, this is a very important/big thing for the two of them.
Shari: Ahh, this is about Erio and Caro.
Fate: Yeah.
Shari: Well, if it's a problem that needs specialist knowledge, the best way is to find a specialist to solve it.
Fate: A specialist?
Shari: Right, a specialist on mother-child relationships... Isn't there one real close to Fate-san?

Lindy: Ara, Fate, it's been a while.
Fate: Yes, sorry about this, mother, being so sudden...
Lindy: Talks between daughter and mother, there's no such thing as sudden or not sudden. What is it?
Fate: The truth is I want to talk about Erio and Caro...
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