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10 お祝いのメッセージ
10 – A message of congratulations/best wishes

Agito: Well then, we ate lunch, and we cleaned up!
Rein: And now… We go and swim!
Vita: You two are really hyper…
Rein: OH! Hayate is watching us from the terrace!
Agito: AH! You’re right!
Vita: They’re not listening…
Rein: Hayate-chan~!
Agito: Meister~ afterwards, let’s go swimming together~!
Vita: What did Hayate say?
Rein: “We’ll go together latter”.
Vita: I see.
Hayate: Ha-.
Zafira: Master.
Hayate: Oh, Zafira. You returned to you wolf form already?
Zafira: As I had expected, I feel best/calm in this form.
Hayate: I see.
Zafira: You seem to be extremely pleased, what are you thinking?
Hayate: Oh, talking about the past made me remember so many things. Like when I was practicing walking, you used to accompany me all the time.
Zafira: Yes.
Hayate: And when I walked as much as I could walk, and got really tired/exhausted…
Zafira: I let you ride on my back and returned home together.
Hayate: I kinda wanted to become famous throughout the whole neighbourhood as the little girl who rode around on the big dog.
Zafira: Actually, you were famous for that.
Hayate: Huh? Really? How embarrassing/I never noticed!!
Zafira: The neighbourhood children watched with great admiration.
Hayate: Ahahaha, I see. But now that I’m this age, I can’t ride around on you anymore.
Zafira: Not at all, you still can.
Hayate: Oh no, I can’t do that! I’m pretty heavy.
Zafira: A mere trifle. Anytime, should you wish of it.
Hayate: Hahaha. Thanks Zafira.
Shamal: Hayate-chan~, I got a call from Nanoha-chan~~~.
Hayate: Oh? Nanoha-chan? Hello, this is Hayate.
Nanoha: Hayate! Happy tenth anniversary of your complete recovery!
Hayate: Wha-?
Nanoha: Hahah, it’s also an anniversary for me too…
Hayate: Wow, what a surprise! Thanks!
Nanoha: I’m sure Arisa-chan and Suzuka-chan will be sending you congratulation emails latter, Fate-chan too!
Hayate: Really? This isn’t a big thing though.
Nanoha: Now, now. This is a commemoration.
Hayate: I guess, you know I was talking about the past just now.
Nanoha: Un.
Hayate: During my medical treatment, when I was doing walking rehabilitation with Nanoha-chan.
Nanoha: Oh, when we were recovering at Uminari Hospital Rehabilitation Center.
Hayate: Yeah, Nanoha-chan got to ride around on Zafira.
Nanoha: Oh yeah, I remember! And once he let the two of us ride on him together.
Hayate: Yup, yup!
Nanoha: It was a little nerve-racking~!
Zafira: Truly unforgettable/How nostalgic.
Nanoha: Oh, Zafira, thanks for the ride back then!
Zafira: No problem.
Nanoha: But really, how nostalgic. It feels so far in the past now.
Hayate: Well, we’ve been friends for more than half of our lives now.
Nanoha: Is that so. Let’s do something to celebrate this.
Hayate: Like a ’15 year anniversary of becoming friends’ sort of thing? (Friend formation, 15th anniversary)
Nanoha: Ahaha, yes, something like that.
Hayate: Let’s think up something/an event then.
Nanoha: For that, we should get Arisa-chan to do it. She loves getting fire up by these types’ things.
Hayate: That’s true.
Nanoha: Oh, I shouldn’t talk too long with you when you’re holidaying with your family.
Hayate: Oh no, no. It’s all right.
Nanoha: Oh no, in any case, I’m only taking a lunch break from work.
Hayate: That’s not good; make sure you take your break.
Nanoha: Haha, in any case, Hayate-chan.
Hayate: Yes?
Nanoha: Just want to say again, congratulations on the tenth anniversary of your complete recovery!
Hayate: Thanks Nanoha-chan!
Nanoha: Well then, see you later.
Hayate: Nanoha-chan is the same as always.
Zafira: Truly.
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