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Hello everyone, as I had expected, I have finished StrikerS SSM4 in record time. This is clearly the easiest Sound Stage I had ever had to translate and the shortest.

I am one happy translator.

01 八神家マイホーム
01 – Yagami Family, My home

Shamal: If you head away from Midchilda city proper to the suburbs, and a little towards to the south. A place that is somewhat removed from the bustling city where you can see the sea from high above.

There in that place, is where our Yagami family home is located. Our family head/master Yagami Hayate-chan, and every member of the Yagami family is busy with work every day.

But sometimes, we want to take a break and all gather together as family. If it’s for a happy event or important anniversary, we always do without fail. Today is an anniversary for Hayate, it is a very important day.

02 リインとアギト
02 – Rein and Agito

Shamal: Here we go… Hah. Rein-chan~! Agito-chan~! I’m home!
Rein: Oh, welcome home Shamal!
Agito: Shamal-nee (or Sis Shamal), welcome back!
Shamal: Oh, here are the groceries we needed.
Agito: Yeah, thanks for your hard work!
Rein: This helps a lot!
Shamal: So you two are ‘full size’ today, eh?
Agito: Of course we are. It’s our ‘help around the house’ mode.
Rein: Lately though, I’ve using this mode a lot.
Shamal: So it seems. Where is everyone else?
Agito: Older sis Viita and Signum are already home.
Rein: So is Zafira. But Hayate-chan, not yet.
Agito: She told us to go ahead and relax.
Shamal: I see.
Agito: Vegetable, vegetable, fish…
Rein: Fruit, fruit…
Shamal: Our family’s youngest pair, Rein-chan and Agito-chan. Though the two squabble a lot…
Rein: Agito, could you take care of this?
Agito: Got it.
Rein: We’re going to go swimming with Viita-chan this afternoon.
Agito: Yeah! Bought myself a swimsuit!
Rein: Fufufu, so did I!
Agito: Heheheh.
Shamal: Basically though, these two get along great.
Rein: During the break/holiday/vacation, me and Agito will take care of the house chores.
Agito: You should relax, Shamal-nee.
Shamal: I’ll leave dinner to you two, but I’ll help with the other stuff.
Agito: Oh don’t be like that. Older sis Viita and Signum should be getting tired of relaxing/doing nothing about now.
Rein: Just leave it to use!
Shamal: Okay, thanks.

03 シグナムとヴィータ
03 – Signum and Vita

Vita: Ah… So peaceful~….
Signum: It really is…
Vita: I think I just heard a car? I wonder if it’s Hayate?
Signum: No, given the sound of difficulty the person has with parking the car in the garage…
Shamal: Hi!
Vita: Oh~….
Signum: It was Shamal.
Vita: Agreed.
Shamal: What are you two whispering to each other about?
Signum: Um, nothing.
Shamal: So you two are sunbathing on the terrace?
Vita: Yeah~…
Signum: With the little kids are running around in the house, it’s pretty noisy. And we figured we would just be in their way.
Vita: So we decided space out, out here.
Shamal: I see. Signum and Vita-chan, respectively a Frontline Corps/Force (Forward Line Unit) First Lieutenant and a Tactical Instructor 2nd Lieutenant, supposedly… Vita-chan, you can’t possibly show such a relaxed/easy going demeanour/behaviour to your students can you.
Vita: Or to my superiors or coworkers, and how about you, Herr Dokter/Lady Chief of Medical Affairs/Lady Doctor?
Shamal: I just got home; I still have things to do.
Vita: Oh really?
Shamal: Oh? That reminds me, where’s Zafira?
Signum: At the beach. In his usual form with the kids.

04 ザフィーラと生徒達
04 – Zafira and the students

Zafira: Okay! Go ahead! Hit me!
Girl 1: Ok! EEEEI! Ya, ta! Ei!
Zafira: Good! Good! Look, over here!
Girl 1: Ya! HA!
Shamal: Zafira! Everyone!
Kids: Oh, Shamal sensei! Good afternoon!
Shamal: It’s been awhile everyone! Have you been good?
Kids: Yes!
Shamal: It’s amazing, it’s so hot today but everyone’s practicing so energetically in the sand!
Girl: Zafira’s teaching us.
Boy: And Zafira doesn’t come too often…
Zafira: Sorry about that. It doesn’t look like it, but I’m pretty busy.
Shamal: It’s hot today, so make sure you drink lots of water. Here you go, ice and sports drinks.
Kids: YEAH!
Zafira: Try not to break your stomach/upset your stomach by drinking all of that at once.
Kids: Yes!
Shamal: Our family’s Guardian Beast, Zafira. At home and at work, Zafira’s usually in wolf form, but when he’s teaching the neighbourhood kids magic or hand to hand combat (empty hand martial arts), he’s always in human form.
Zafira: Is Master Hayate…
Shamal: No, not yet. When Hayate-chan comes home, I’ll call for you. Go ahead and take your time playing with everyone.
Zafira: Okay.
Boy: Hey Zafira, let’s spar! Let’s spar!
Zafira: Everyone’s still drinking; we’ll do it after everyone’s done.
Boy: All right!
Shamal: Whether in wolf form or human form, he never tires of the children.

05 リインとアギトのお料理天国
05 – Rein and Agito’s Cooking Paradise/Heaven

Agito: All righty! Today’s lunch menu will have, appetizer/small bowl: (ankake: sauce made of soy sauce, mirin and dashi… My mother puts in sugar to make it sweeter >_>; ) sticky sauce covered tofu and green peas.
Rein: The large appetizer/large bowl is niku jaga (meat and potato) with carrots.
Agito: Salad is a large plate of summer vegetables, main dish is fish! ALL GOOD! They bought a good one for us, so we’ll make one half teriyaki and the other half salted (shio-yaki: Salted and grilled).
Rein: That sounds good. Ah, and for dessert we can make a fruit punch!
Agito: Oh, sounds nice and cold.
Rein: Zafira and his friends will be coming by too.
Agito: Let’s do it! Oh, it’s definitely a lot more fun making food for lots of people!
Rein: It gives us a chance to make lots of different dishes.
Agito: Yeah really. If you leave Signum on her own, she won’t eat anything.
Rein: Signum is very particular/obsessive with her food.
Agito: Thanks to that, making sure she eats healthily is a pain. (Making sure she eat enough vitamins is a pain)
Rein: Um, it’s the same for me and Hayate-chan, when things get real busy. Eating stuff when there’s some spare time or when we’re being mobilized…
Agito: How na´ve. Signum is even worse, if she’s on her own, she just eats whatever. Like power jelly and ration cubes!
Rein: Oh~… Signum was like that in the past too. That reminds me Agito, there’s a lot of minced meat here…
Agito: Oh, that’s on the menu for tonight’s celebratory dinner. Lulu’s mama’s specialty stew hamburger
Rein: Oh, that’s great~!
Agito: Nahaha, whenever hamburgers are mentioned, you and older sis Vita get all excited.
Rein: Ugh… That doesn’t happen! Er, anyways let’s start peeling the apples!
Agito: Oh? Wanna make it a contest? Whoever can cleanly peel it without causing the peel to break, wins!
Rein: Okay, then! I accept the challenge!
Agito: Then, pick up the kitchen knife~~~!
Rein: Pick up the apple~~~!
Agito: Ready!
Rein+Agito: GO!!

06 姉御&末っ子コンビ
06- Older Sister and the youngest pair

Vita: Hm. It’s almost time of lunch, I wonder when Hayate’s going to get here?
Signum: Well, she said she would make it for lunch. It should be fine.
Vita: I guess… Oh, ran out of juice. Signum go get some for me.
Signum: Hey now…
Agito: Hey SIS! I DID IT! I WON!
Rein: No, no! That doesn’t count! It was unfair!
Agito: Oh, be quiet! A win is a win~! Oh hey you two, you need drink refill?
Vita: Nice, Agito! Hit me.
Signum: Did you two have another match/contest again?
Rein: Yeah, a contest to peel apples. I peeled the cleanest one!
Agito: We were competing to see who could get the longest peel! The longest one, wins~~~!
Vita: Now, now. You two doing best making lunch. Why don’t you take it to mean both of you are equally great.
Rein: Un… True but…
Agito: I’m happy to that but…
Vita: After eating lunch, we’re going swimming right? I bought that new surfboard/surf mat you wanted.
Agito: YA~~~~!
Vita: A big beautifully painted one with a window on it. If you drift/float around on it in the waves, it’ll be lots of fun.
Rein: How wonderful!
Agito: Looking forward to it/Sounds fun~~!
Vita: That reminds me, aren’t you two supposed to be cooking lunch?
Agito: Oh yeah!
Rein: We were in the middle of making it.
Vita: Well then, is there anything I can help with?
Agito: Nah, don’t bother! Signum and Sis should just relax/laze/space out.
Rein: Agito and Rein will go back and make the fruits punch.
Vita: Okay. I’ll come to check on you a little later
Signum: As will I.
Rein+Agito: OKAY!
Agito: Good grief. You’re always starting first, and stopping first. (bad translation)
Rein: HMPH! Pot kettle black! Agito is so annoying!
Agito: Ahahah~.
Signum: Considering your age, you’ve gotten pretty good at handling them.
Vita: Well, those two are real cute.

07 はやての記念日
07 Hayate’s Anniversary

Shamal: The sun’s strong but wind is cool and feels so good. Oh, over there… Is that Hayate-chan? Hayate-chan!!
Hayate: Oh Shamal.
Shamal: Oh Hayate-chan, if you were already here, you should have hurried back home.
Hayate: Oh, I had something to do first. I’m just waiting for a call, and wanted to finish it up first.
Shamal: I see… if that’s the case, can I stay by you?
Hayate: Okay, how is everyone?
Shamal: Everyone’s just idling away the time. Unwinding/relaxing.
Hayate: Vacation/Break with everyone, we don’t get to do that often each year. Got to make it last.
Shamal: The youngest kids are really spirited.
Hayate: Hahaha. That reminds me Shamal, why tonight? Is there some kind of anniversary for someone in our family?
Shamal: EH~~~!? Hayate-chan, you don’t remember?
Hayate: Oh, um, er, sorry… If it’s something I don’t quite remember, then it must mean it’s something involving about me…
Shamal: As expected of Hayate-chan, it’s definitely/all about you. Moreover it’s that big event; it’s been a little over ten years now.
Hayate: Ten years? Um… Uh…
Shamal: Oh~… Ten years ago from today is the day when Hayate-chan’s legs were declared to be completely recovered!
Hayate: Um… Let’s see… I was in 6th grade…. That happened, and… OH! I remember, I remember! That’s right! Just ten years ago!
Shamal: That’s right!
Hayate: Dr. Ishida came by to celebrate…
Shamal: Then Dr. Ishida and our guardian/patron Admiral Letti got drunk.
Hayate: Signum and Shamal were made to drink.
Shamal: That’s right!
Hayate: Ahahah… how nostalgic ~.
Shamal: That’s the anniversary!
Hayate: Well, I guess I cleared the necessary requirements, slowly practicing how to walk. It’s not quite the day of my ‘complete recovery’. (bad translation)
Shamal: It took quite awhile to make a complete recovery… During that time, you were in school and studying magic, and doing rehabilitation and practicing walking, it was a really busy time.
Hayate: Oh not at all. During that time, Nanoha-chan injured herself/got into her accident, and at the hospital we did rehabilitation together. I just remembered it all now.
Shamal: Oh that time, she was really so~… Well, I’m glad I haven’t seen Nanoha-chan overdoing it lately.
Hayate: Well Fate-chan is staying close by and Vivio has become quite reliable/mature.
Shamal: Oh, about Vivio. She send me and Zafira a lot e-mails about seasonal events and where she and her mama went and what they did.
Hayate: She sends those to me too~!
Shamal: They’re so wonderful and so cute.
Hayate: Yes. But really, today is the day of that anniversary…
Shamal: Yes.
Hayate: The call finally came. Yes, this is Yagami. Oh, thanks for your hard work. Oh, no, no. Not all, everything is fine. Yes.
Shamal: That’s right. That’s the anniversary.

08 幸福のありか
08 – The whereabouts/location of happiness

Agito: I see… So the Meister had a childhood/used to be a child, I’ve only had adult/grown up Meisters before.
Signum: I’ve shown you the pictures before haven’t I?
Agito: Yeah, I have but seeing it and actually believing/knowing it is another story.
Signum: That’s true.
Agito: Hey, when Meister was young, what kind of person was she?
Signum: Well, she was not that different from now. She was a very kind and gentle person and very good at cooking in the past too.
Agito: Okay, the green onion is in… Wait I mean, if that’s the case… (can’t hear too well)
Signum: Oh?
Agito: If you ate lots of tasty stuff in the past, why is it that you’re still have no sense of taste?
Signum: No sense of taste? What are you talking about? I can tell what taste’s good and what doesn’t.
Agito: I know… That’s not what I meant. You’re usually never concerned about what you eat. What’s up with that?
Signum: Well, since you mentioned it, I guess I should start fixing that.
Agito: Yeah! I would like it if you did. A knight’s body is their most important resource. Okay! Here! Try this for me!
Signum: Okay. Hm… It tastes good. It fills the mouth.
Agito: Heheh…

Vita: Huh, the reason why Signum is so unconcerned about her food?
Rein: Yup, that’s it.
Vita: Well, I’m not too concerned about any particular sort of food either…
Rein: Oh that’s not true at all. Vita-chan gets pretty excited about her food. If it’s hamburger and sunny side up eggs together, you go ‘fwosh’.
Vita: What are ya? An idiot! That’s you!
Rein: Ahaha, yes you do! What I like eating was directly influenced by what Vita-chan likes.
Zafira: Rein, Vita.
Kids: Good afternoon, sorry to bother you!
Rein: Zafira, everyone!
Vita: So practice is over?
Boy: we’re here to return the cooler pack that Shamal Sensei lent us.
Rein: Oh, thank you.
Vita: Go ahead and eat. Here! Rein and Agito’s fruit punch.
Girl: Is it okay?
Rein: Of course! We made all of this for everyone!
Kids: Okay~! Thanks a lot~!
Rein: Take as much as you like.
Zafira: Sorry about this.
Vita: Don’t say that to me, say it Rein and Agito.
Rein: Here you go, Zafira.
Zafira: Thanks.
Rein: Oh! Do you know Zafira?
Zafira: Know what?
Vita: Oh, the reason why Signum doesn’t really care about her food? I’m sure there’s a reason…
Zafira: I heard it once from her, hm… but I’m not sure if it something I can tell others…
Vita: It’s all right. I permit it!
Rein: We’ll keep it a secret.
Zafira: Hm… Very well then.
Rein: Please.
Zafira: Signum told me once. The true joy of my meal is eating with the company of my Master, family and friends/comrades. If I cannot, then nothing tastes good or bad.
Rein: Oh…
Zafira: It’s not for the sake of family or anyone else. And only enjoying it for my own sake, doesn’t suit me/isn’t my preference. That is what I heard from her once. (bad translation)
Rein: So that’s the reason…
Zafira: Thanks to Agito though, it seems that she’s starting to enjoy it more.
Vita: Well, if you just watch/look at her, you can tell that much.
Zafira: This is a secret! It might not look like it, but she becomes very shy/embarrassed by things like this.
Rein: Yes, we’ll keep it a secret!

09 あのころは
09 – In those days…/Of days past…

Hayate: Agito, Signum, I’m home!
Agito: Welcome home, Meister!
Signum: Welcome home.
Hayate: Thanks. Oh, Agito, did you get those clothes from Vita?
Agito: Yup, cause they said it might look good on me.
Hayate: They really do look good. Looks cute on you.
Agito: Hehehe. Thank you very much.
Signum: Master Hayate, does it appear that you will be able fully enjoy your break/vacation?
Hayate: It’s only a short summer break/vacation, but I can take it easy.
Agito: Hey Meister, would you like a drink? A cold one right?
Hayate: Oh, that would be great.
Agito: I’m sure there’s some of the Meister’s favourite tea in the back somewhere.
Hayate: Hm? Right now I thought I just saw a very familiar box.
Agito: Oh? This box? Oh, I think Shamal bought this box of cake… Is this Japanese? I can’t read the kanji.
Hayate: It has “Midoriya” written on it.
Rein: Ah, Hayate-chan, welcome home~.
Vita: Hayate, welcome back.
Zafira: Welcome home.
Hayate: Hahaha, I’m home everyone.
Shamal: Agito-chan, about that box of cake, I had hidden in there, NO~~~~!
Agito: Er, um sorry Shama-nee/Sis Shama… I suppose that this was supposed to be a… secret.
Shamal: Yes, a secret!
Hayate: Oops, sorry, I sorta found it.
Shamal: Oh, I messed up.
Hayate: Oh don’t worry, it’s quite a surprise. Anyways, what’s with this?
Shamal: I went all the way there and bought it.
Agito: Seriously?
Hayate: It must have been really difficult, thanks a lot.
Shamal: Oh no, not at all.
Agito: “Midoriya”, hey you mean that it’s from Nanoha’s home.
Vita: Yup.
Rein: When we were over there, any time there was something special going on, we always get cake from “Midoriya”.
Signum: How nostalgic. You ate lots of this sugary sweet stuff, even though you supposedly didn’t like it.
Zafira: So did you.
Shamal: Well, we’ll have it after dinner okay?
Agito: OH well, everyone sit, sit. Since we’re all together now, let’s have lunch.
Vita: Guess you’re right.
Rein: Yes!
Hayate: Okay then, now.
All: Thanks for the meal.
Vita: Oh, this tastes great!
Signum: Truly.
Rein: Isn’t it? Rein made this one.
Shamal: You’ve gotten really good at cooking, haven’t you Rein-chan!
Rein: He he he.
Agito: Hey Meister?
Hayate: Yes?
Agito: I want to hear more about your past.
Hayate: My past?
Agito: Like stories when Meister was a child, or when she met Nanoha-san and Enforcer Fate and stuff.
Hayate: Okay then, I got lots of fun stories. So how far back do you want to hear?
Agito: Heheh, well then. How about during elementary school?
Shamal: Oh, Hayate-chan’s elementary student days. She was so cute!
Hayate: I don’t get the feeling I grew up/matured all too much from that time. (awkward translation)
Signum: The Master is completely normal. It’s Testarossa who grew up/matured way too quickly/much. (awkward translation)
Vita: That was something, if you saw it; you’d think it was way weird. (awkward translation)
Agito: Oh~, I see…

10 お祝いのメッセージ
10 – A message of congratulations/best wishes

Agito: Well then, we ate lunch, and we cleaned up!
Rein: And now… We go and swim!
Vita: You two are really hyper…
Rein: OH! Hayate is watching us from the terrace!
Agito: AH! You’re right!
Vita: They’re not listening…
Rein: Hayate-chan~!
Agito: Meister~ afterwards, let’s go swimming together~!
Vita: What did Hayate say?
Rein: “We’ll go together latter”.
Vita: I see.
Hayate: Ha-.
Zafira: Master.
Hayate: Oh, Zafira. You returned to you wolf form already?
Zafira: As I had expected, I feel best/calm in this form.
Hayate: I see.
Zafira: You seem to be extremely pleased, what are you thinking?
Hayate: Oh, talking about the past made me remember so many things. Like when I was practicing walking, you used to accompany me all the time.
Zafira: Yes.
Hayate: And when I walked as much as I could walk, and got really tired/exhausted…
Zafira: I let you ride on my back and returned home together.
Hayate: I kinda wanted to become famous throughout the whole neighbourhood as the little girl who rode around on the big dog.
Zafira: Actually, you were famous for that.
Hayate: Huh? Really? How embarrassing/I never noticed!!
Zafira: The neighbourhood children watched with great admiration.
Hayate: Ahahaha, I see. But now that I’m this age, I can’t ride around on you anymore.
Zafira: Not at all, you still can.
Hayate: Oh no, I can’t do that! I’m pretty heavy.
Zafira: A mere trifle. Anytime, should you wish of it.
Hayate: Hahaha. Thanks Zafira.
Shamal: Hayate-chan~, I got a call from Nanoha-chan~~~.
Hayate: Oh? Nanoha-chan? Hello, this is Hayate.
Nanoha: Hayate! Happy tenth anniversary of your complete recovery!
Hayate: Wha-?
Nanoha: Hahah, it’s also an anniversary for me too…
Hayate: Wow, what a surprise! Thanks!
Nanoha: I’m sure Arisa-chan and Suzuka-chan will be sending you congratulation emails latter, Fate-chan too!
Hayate: Really? This isn’t a big thing though.
Nanoha: Now, now. This is a commemoration.
Hayate: I guess, you know I was talking about the past just now.
Nanoha: Un.
Hayate: During my medical treatment, when I was doing walking rehabilitation with Nanoha-chan.
Nanoha: Oh, when we were recovering at Uminari Hospital Rehabilitation Center.
Hayate: Yeah, Nanoha-chan got to ride around on Zafira.
Nanoha: Oh yeah, I remember! And once he let the two of us ride on him together.
Hayate: Yup, yup!
Nanoha: It was a little nerve-racking~!
Zafira: Truly unforgettable/How nostalgic.
Nanoha: Oh, Zafira, thanks for the ride back then!
Zafira: No problem.
Nanoha: But really, how nostalgic. It feels so far in the past now.
Hayate: Well, we’ve been friends for more than half of our lives now.
Nanoha: Is that so. Let’s do something to celebrate this.
Hayate: Like a ’15 year anniversary of becoming friends’ sort of thing? (Friend formation, 15th anniversary)
Nanoha: Ahaha, yes, something like that.
Hayate: Let’s think up something/an event then.
Nanoha: For that, we should get Arisa-chan to do it. She loves getting fire up by these types’ things.
Hayate: That’s true.
Nanoha: Oh, I shouldn’t talk too long with you when you’re holidaying with your family.
Hayate: Oh no, no. It’s all right.
Nanoha: Oh no, in any case, I’m only taking a lunch break from work.
Hayate: That’s not good; make sure you take your break.
Nanoha: Haha, in any case, Hayate-chan.
Hayate: Yes?
Nanoha: Just want to say again, congratulations on the tenth anniversary of your complete recovery!
Hayate: Thanks Nanoha-chan!
Nanoha: Well then, see you later.
Hayate: Nanoha-chan is the same as always.
Zafira: Truly.

11 波間にて
11 – On the waves

Rein: To swim around~ on the surface of the sea~ with a big baggy surf mat~ tottering and bobbing~. Oh it feels so nice~~~!
Vita: It’s feel great doesn’t it?…
Agito: Yeah…
Rein: Yup~.
Agito: You know, after hearing all that talk of the past… I guess the Meister went through a lot eh?
Rein: You’re right, lots of things happened. There’s lots of stuff that I only know too.
Agito: I would have liked to meet the previous Rein!
Rein: I’ve only met the previous Rein in my dreams. Though it was only a recording of her in my memories, she was a very gentle/kind person.
Agito: Oh I see.
Vita: The fact that Hayate and everyone in this family are able happily laugh like this, I’m sure that she’s watching over us and laughing too on the other side of the sky.
Rein: Yup!
Vita: Hey, it looks like Hayate’s here now.
Rein: With Signum, Shamal and Zafira!
Agito: Haha, they came down together after all.
Vita: Seems so.
Agito: Right, let’s get back to the beach! Work with me Rein! Get ready to kick!
Rein: Okay! Hey, Agito, help out too!
Agito: WAH! Oh, wa, AHHH!!!
Signum: What are those two doing?
(Vita: Hey, you all right?)
(Rein: Why did you do that!?)
Zafira: Oh, the usual.
Hayate: So it seems. Let’s go out and swim too.
Shamal: Don’t forget to stretch/do warm up exercises.

12 帰る場所
12 - A place to return home to

Shamal: This absolutely uneventful and peaceful day of rest. There might be terrible and difficult cases/incidents in the future but this place, where our family are at, will always be a place for us to come home to. I have a feeling that the next ten years will be same as the ten years as we had lived before.
Hayate: Okay, let’s race to where Vita is!
Z + S: Yes.
Shamal: Er. Um, I’ll be waiting for you here!
Hayate: Oh, I told you I’d teach you how to swim before.
Shamal: Um, well, you see, swimming is a bit…
I do not like Kansai-ben, but I do like Hayate-chan!
Also, Canadian here, not actually Japanese.
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