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The question is - why not? Although it is a huge concept, so few anime works are related to it. Ive never visited Japan, thou maybe it is still a taboo theme for such "not serious thing" like anime, but then why all these movies like For Those We Love or Otoko Tachi no Yamato are on the bluescreens?
Okay, even if the war itself is such a problem to be shown "correctly" in the anime, what about the postwar era? Could one advice me to watch sth good about 893 activities? Something shiny, animated...

I'll be grateful for any complicated versions given here - why at least one qualitative commercial TV is not created yet? Not like Zipang. Not like the Grave of fireflies.
So you're wondering why Japan hasn't made much about a war that they started, and lost... decisively... and the ensuing occupation by US troops?

As for recommendations, there's a forum for that, where I'm sure this thread will be relocated. Try the cockpit. It's an OVA with a story of a Japanese kamikaze attack on a US carrier.
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