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and just as no (okay, few) guys have a problem with watching cute female human characters, we became more or less okay with watching really human dolls.
Wow, I agree with you on that. Throughout the years of watching anime, we become used to seeing the fluffy, cute, uber-kawaii girl stereotypes (Like Hina, for example). The concept of an anime about dolls is really something that turns off a lot of people, and it almost did to me. (I have to thank this to Dep, though. I started to watch RM just because I trusted his good judgement on anime =P).

Maybe some girl viewers feel that way but I dont know. Because of all the above reasons I think that they became VERY VERY human to all of us (see Anthropomorphism)
Well... I don't think anyone who watches Rozem Maiden to the end and still has the guts to say "It sucked. It's an anime about dolls!" should be even considered human. It's something similar to saying "animals don't deserve anything, they're just animals!" in my belief; you just shouldn't be alive if you did that. The truth is that they do grow inside of you, and the way the anime puts it into you is even more of a shock, because you really do feel the emotions coming out of them; you feel their joy, at the same time you feel their pain. It's not that easy to find that in anime nowadays.

I believe that one of the catches of RM is that they are constantly saying they are dolls; however, you simply deny it. You don't BELIEVE they are dolls, you simply ignore that fact and treat/act towards them as if they were human. People do this with pets, anime, or even objects they like, it's a natural thing to do in some occasions. So besides the drama fact of Rozen Maiden, there's that little glimpse of psychology in it too.

And about this motherly feeling you talked about, well we see the complete contrary of it with Rozen Maiden. It's the "dolls" that take care of Jun, specially in the first season. It's then after a few episodes that we see this coming around. But it's Shinku who has mainly changed Jun from it's depressed state to a more normal, walking forward personality.

Sometimes I look back and think to myself, "how the hell did I manage to screw this up?"
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