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Originally Posted by Deathkillz View Post
naw knowing how oblivious alice can get when noticing these things it would have to take longer or come from orland's mouth

wow finally a good ep...

nice cliffhanger there but the preview says it all ~
Yes damn good episode, lots of juicy developments and intrigue. I think Dalton, if he is indeed in cohorts with Muse Kauplan, is in way over his head (and will pay the price next ep by account of the preview). Muse Kauplan is one sinister lady, the brains behind the Invisible 9 and the first real villain - though I suspect there's someone else much higher up involved. As for Cecile's brother's article: if it implicates the Kauplan Institute it may reveal Orland as living proof of the experiment.

I'm still not sure why the kidnappers are packing flintlocks, surely the most sluggish and unreliable weapon anyone could have in a hostage situation. I'm sure Alice knows this...
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