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Originally Posted by Mentar View Post
Hmm... what makes you think so? I'd say it's clear from the circumstances that she "made" Oland, and since Oland's 901-ATT is part of the Invisible 9, she's I9 herself. So why should she want to learn anything from a reporter which she should know better in the first place?
True. I'm not so sure now that Dalton is linked to Kauplan. But the thing is the Door Knocker was just one of many arms examples in Colt's office. Why did Dalton think that one in particular was worthy of investigation unless he knew the DK's history from somewhere? To anyone else it was just a big gun (albeit a protype), so unless you knew of its significance and its history, you wouldn't give it a second glance.

Maybe he knows about Cecile's brother's article? Cecile looked particularly horrified at Dalton's apparent death in the preview, so perhaps they are familiar...

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