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Originally Posted by brightman
Ah that's why... You see, the good part of the series STARTS when you quit (when they head off to space), so you've missed out... Plus the fact that I really think that people judging a series before they see the whole thing isn't being fair at all..
I know I usually don't judge a series afetr seeing only a few episodes, but I saw 23 (I looked it up) of 39 episodes and I still didn't like it all at . After seeing 2/3 of a show I think I am entitled to give my opinion about it even if it hasn't finished yet. At the time i felt like there wasn't really much of a story present, and I really missed a character I really liked...

Originally Posted by brightman
And Jamil is pretty cool (especially when piloting the Gundam X Divider) and Tiffa has quite a bit of personality and her romance with Garrod is probably one of the best done in Gundam. As for Garrod, I don't see how he's "dumb", so please explain that.
About Tiffa, she hardly ever speaks or does anything in the first 20 epi, she just sits there, it might change later on but at that point she was just a piece of furniture to me... and the Garrod dude just rushes into everything (comes with his youth I guess), well I disliked him from the start ...

Jamil however was enjoyable but not enough to save Gundam X for me...

But this is off course only my opinion
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