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Originally Posted by 7thMethuselah
About Tiffa, she hardly ever speaks or does anything in the first 20 epi, she just sits there, it might change later on but at that point she was just a piece of furniture to me... and the Garrod dude just rushes into everything (comes with his youth I guess), well I disliked him from the start ...
Tiffa gets a lot of development later on, she gets much friendlier as she gets to know the people around her better, and yes she does speak a lot more too. As for Garrod, he's a bit goofy, yes, but he's no idiot.

And yes, one of the biggest reasons for the cancellation of this show is because of the slow and generally crappy beginning, but as many will tell you it gets pretty intense and *good* later on.

Anyway, I just didn't like the way that you stated that this is the worst Gundam ever as if it were a fact, even though you didn't even bother to complete the series.

Originally Posted by Deralti
Could someone please tell me the difference(if anything significant) between the gundams?
If you didn't know, Gundam is a war drama... So each series would be a different story set at a different time and place. In the case of the AUs (X is one) they set place in a different "universe" from the original Universal Century, so the technology, human physique/power, history, etc would all be different.
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