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Originally Posted by method
X haven't seen it, but I've heard of it described as a what if scenario of the colony drop from MSG and deals with the aftermath of multiple colony drops.
More importantly it's meant to be a mix of UC and AU, a UC style world with a scenario as Method described, though with AU "style"--super powerful Gundams (offensively though, not defensively) that look more like those of G and W than those of UC, different story exposition (the war doesn't start until after Ep 30 or so), and villains that aren't the corrupt or overly idealistic politicians from UC. And it's a series that centers more on Newtypes than most of the other ones (and not just how "they reach understandings with each other" like Tomino's shows)

Turn A. also haven't seen this.
Probably the most unknown gundam series there is.
Probably because it's the most unpopular gundam series there is...?

I would say that this is more of a black sheep than G Gundam is... It features the most unorthodox mobile suit designs and settings (takes place in a time period where Earth has early 20th century technology while the enemy, the Moonrace, have super futuristic technology), plus it seems to be more of a mix of UC and AU than even X... Super powerful "Gundams" with regenerative powers (similar to those of the Devil Gundam) and super attacks ("Shining Finger" and "Moonlight Butterfly"), a focus on characters rather than battles (similar to the OVAs), and a distinctive Tomino style that's only seen in UC.
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