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Most of the people who have seen Turn A said that they enjoyed it. The mobile suit design is what throws most people off of Turn A. Then throw in that it came before digisubs and is just now being subbed decently. G gundam suffers from the the DBZ with gundam label and that throws off some people who hate DBZ. Another thing Turn A has Tomino at the helm to that garners some positive press for it.
It's still getting much less fansubbing/ripping support than Gundam X though. For some reason there are more rips/fansubs of X than G and Turn A, even though the latter two are generally more critically acclaimed... I guess that's what happens when Sunrise does things a bit too differently.

BTW here's an IMO pretty good review of Gundam X which pretty much sums it all up (including possible explanations for its unpopularity in Japan and its good parts):
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