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Originally Posted by felix View Post
Is it because of the current development on the bleach front?
Both yes and no. I have dropped the anime of Bleach and am on the verge of doing the same with the manga and I think the animes being broadcasted these last years hasnīt been as good as it was before. But the main reason is that I donīt feel that my posts will contribute that much since the interest for writing in here isnīt as big anymore. It was easier when I studied but ufortunately lurking forums all day at work isnīt appreciated. :-) And after a day at work you always have a lot you want to and you have to do before anything else. After that itīs more relaxing to actually watch or read something rather than discussing it.

Although the new season of Last Exile has gotten my interest and of course the HD remaster of SEED.

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