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Originally Posted by Belgaesh View Post
I've started reading and I'm really loving so far.

I'm full of questions after reading the translated chapter like: what is the Brand of the Beast and who is Minerva and why she has that special power of hers. Those question I made for myself, there's no need to answer as I am weak with spoilers.
The Brand of the Beast is simply a Brand on Chris' forehead and arms which shines when his consciousness is taken over by the beast inside him esp. during and just before the full moon night. It is a mark which tells people him being the son of a beast (his father was one just like him)

Minerva is the member of Order and one of the personal guards of Fransisca. As to why she has that power, there are those born in this world with special powers. Remember the empire's decree based on the oracle ? It comes from here though not from Minerva directly.

You will learn about all this if you go through all the chapters assuming you haven't till now.
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