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EMDAS 2011 - December (Pick a Proverb) Entry Thread

Entries! (December 1-21)
Welcome to the December EMDAS Writing Competition!
Theme: "Pick a Proverb"

November Winner: WitchOfDoubt - "The Ballet of Silhouette"

This month's theme is "Pick a Proverb".
"In your entry post, please state a traditional proverb that will serve as your entry's theme. Include this above your entry's title, so it's easy to find." -WitchOfDoubt

Entries must be submitted by December 21 (check countdown). You are permitted to post drafts and updates on this page, and the uploaded version at the countdown's end will become your final entry. Once this occurs, you are not allowed to edit your entry any further, so be sure to fully proofread it and make edits beforehand.
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