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Originally Posted by Silvance View Post
Oho~ I like that new sig. I dig the coloring style so much and the night sky background with white petals scattered around Asuna. :3
Thanks. Yeah, it's an awesome image; I feel like you're giving me too much credit. All I did was crop + add border + add more glowy petals + remove Kirito's leg using the stamp tool. xD

Originally Posted by Berserkguard View Post
I just started watching SAO a couple days ago, and as an avid MMO player, I've loved every minute of the anime so far. That said, I really like your SAO avatars, there's so many of them too... can't ever have too much Asuna

Oh, and your Spice & Wolf ones are awesome too. There was a scare at one time where I thought Holo might have turned me into a furry. Thankfully, this wasn't the case

I look forward to seeing more of your work! Keep it up, looks awesome so far!
Ahh, glad to hear that you've been enjoying SAO! As some of the avatars are currently in use, if you'd like to use one, let me know which one, and I'll see if it's free.

Haha, thanks! It was just a simple crop + border job, though. It was a request, so I decided to post it my thread.

I think it'd be worth turning into a furry for Holo..

Will do! Thanks again!


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